East Meets west

Bridging the Gap Between the Wisdom of the Ancients, and How Science Says Your Body Works

You’re curious about Chinese Medicine, but it’s really foreign. You want to know how you and your family can be healthier and happier, but some of the information out there is contradictory. 

Welcome to East Meets West, the first book in a series that uses commonplace images and memorable analogies to explain unfamiliar concepts and explore connections to your health and your body. In East Meets West, you’ll learn:

  • The history and basic principles of Chinese Medicine
  • The background of Western logic, science, and medicine
  • Why Eastern principles are so hard to understand with a Western upbringing
  • What Western research actually says about Chinese Medicine
  • How to make better, more informed health decisions for yourself and your family
Have we gotten your attention? 

East Meets West is the working title for a book in progress. If you are interested in learning more; following our blog which contains related content; or knowing when the book is available for order, please sign up for our newsletter below!

Other Titles

Bridging the Gap Series

Connections Between Philosophy, Culture, History, Science, and Your Body & Your Health

Do you know how your connective tissue affects your immune system? Or that you, yes you, can explore the connections between quantum physics and one of today’s most prominent self-help series? Do you know the connections between the latest space research and the latest happiness research? 

All these topics explore the links between popular cultural and science topics, and the health and fitness issues that you want to know more about.

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